• nopComerce Product Picture Magnify

nopComerce Product Picture Magnify

This plugin adds a magnifying glass to product images on mouseover. This is useful in porte-folios when you want to show details of your creation but you don't have the layout space to display your 1000px wide image. The images used are large images, shown at a smaller resolution on the website, the magnifying glass shows a small part at the native resolution. Keep in mind that large images are heavy and you must not abuse from this technique.


$0.01 $20.00

nopCommerce Version: 3.4

Widget Support: Yes

Themable: Yes

Developed according to nopCommerce and Microsoft technology standards and coding guidelines: Yes

Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization : Yes

Open to modification public view (.cshtml) files: Yes

Fully localizable and can be used in any language: Yes

Tested with browsers: FF, Chrome, Opera, Safary, IE9+

Responsive design: Yes

Styled for the Bootstrap themes: Yes

Styled for the Default Clean themes: No


We do the installation on your website

If you want to sell your work based on this source code please buy this plugin with the Extended License. Details>>


or IP address for Multidomain application

If you want to improve the plugin we will be able to implement your features. In this case we will charge only for the work that we will do but you should order our services for at least 150$



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