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Our team develops QA & software testing test suites which ensure better functionality, usability, scalability, security and compatibility.

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Software Testing Services

The reality is that the majority of software testing services are currently outsourced by IT companies since service vendors view the whole process from the customers’ side thus delivering measurable business benefits to include fewer software bugs, costs minimization, quick problem settlement, and better productivity. With Dev Partner and its vast experience in software quality assurance coupled with the company’s knowledge base, software companies are able to enjoy its testing solutions developed in conformity with strict management and quality control policies.


Functional Testing Services

Our company offers a complete set of testing services including the initial stage of analyzing the customer’s requirements to further ensure lesser levels of errors and defects. Our solution to detect critical bugs and malfunction in the business systems of the customer includes comprehensive services that allow for examination of business requirement documents and end-to-end business scenarios. Our approach here is primarily based on the business user’s perspective including all requirements that the latter may have.


Performance Testing Services

To help our customers manage and minimize risks while installing crucial business applications, we make it a point to deliver world-class PT services of the highest quality. Our company can boast a professional team of consultants who have comprehensive knowledge in business systems, software, and network architecture. Dealing with decomposition and re-composition processes and collaborating with the customer’s developers, our consultants aim at facilitating bottleneck exploitation along with establishing efficient check and analysis systems.


A/B & Multivariate Testing Services

Enjoying unique expertise in A/B & Multivariate Testing, we are well-equipped to provide both checkings of only two variables (A/B) and of multiple versions of elements on a single web page. When it comes to Multivariate Testing, it is usually employed to ascertain which content produces the best improvement in the defined goals of a website, whether that be user registrations or successful completion of a checkout process.


Microsoft .NET Application Testing

.NET frameworks are a perfect tool for developing customized applications. In the process of development of such apps, the above type of testing helps detect bugs, errors, and malfunctions as well as evaluate the efficiency of a .Net program with a view to determining its performance level.


Web Application Testing Services

In Web application testing we deal with the evaluation of the behavior of websites that enjoy various interactive services (e.g. extranet, eCommerce) including the ones that offer plain 'Contact Us' forms. By employing highly experienced web application testing experts, we are capable of examining any HTTPS- or HTTP-accessed app.

Load Testing

As businesses develop and flourish, loads on their websites including network infrastructure and web apps go higher as well (meaning the increased number of hits) which leads to performance troubles even on high-profile sites. In the long run, companies suffer from customers and money loss. Our company offers comprehensive top-quality Load testing services that make for smoothly performing websites and ensure end-user satisfaction.

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