Sitecore FAQ

  • 5:13:17 PM
  • Wednesday, December 9, 2015

  1. On what sitecore versions your developers are familiar with?

We did website based on Sitecore 6.x- Sitecore 7.x.

  1. Have you done any MVC Sitecore projects or only webforms based?

All internal projects were based on MVC. Other our projects were based on webforms.

  1. I assume, you have a Sitecore partner license?

No, our license was expired. So it will be good if you provide us with your license or we should add about 2000 Euro to the final price to buy the development license.

  1. What is minimum contract length for your staff?

We would like that the minimal length of the contract will be at least 6 months or more but it’s a question to discuss. I suppose it could be one month just to start.

  1. Do you use a work monitoring software that we can log into as necessary, and view in real-time?

Yes, we use TimeDoctor software

  1. What is the speed of internet connection?

I don’t know exactly but I’m sure that it’ll cover all your needs.

  1. Do you charge some extra costs for location of staff in your physical office? (in case they work from home)

They work from our office and we have some space for a new people.

  1. Guarantee/replacement of staff - what is the procedure if we are unhappy with individual staff performance?

Every of our staff members is qualified so I suppose that this situation is possible only in case if we hire a new staff for your needs. So if we have this situation we will be able to replace somebody for two weeks

  1. Do you have security protocols that can protect our data?

We can sign NDA. We can use your example or we can provide you with our templates.

  1. Which sitecore modules did you use?

List of Sitecore modules:

  • Sitecore Rocks
  • Web Forms for Marketers
  • E-Commerce Services
  • Social Connected
  • dtSearch
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Sitecore DMS
  • E-mail Campaign Manager
  • Calendar

List of shared source modules:

  • User Interaction: Google Maps, Page Rate
  • Web Site Optimization: Meta-Tags, Taxonomy Module, Custom Item Generator
  • Social: EviTwitter, WeBlog, Telligent Community Integration
  • Productivity Tools: Sublayout Parameter Helper, Sitecore Stuff, Item Translator, News Mover
  • Search: Index Viewer, Lucene Search, Advanced Database Crawler
  • Media: Sitecore Field Types
  • Link Management: Link Provider
  • Rules: Item Naming Rules, Mobile Device Detector, Geo Lite Resolver

 Benefits of working with us

• You don’t need to buy software, hardware and other infrastructure;

• We have always improved our knowledge;

• Our team has more than 5000 hours of success development on nopCommerce platform

• Our team has more than 1500 hours of success development on Sitecore platform

• We use TimeDoctor. (You will be able to see what we are doing in real time, as well as screenshots and associated tasks. Each month you will get the report of the time spent on your tasks).