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Sitecore for IT Director

  • 10:43:22 PM
  • Tuesday, July 14, 2015

At the present stage of development, IT department faces the task of providing the company with necessary IT services. One of the marketing needs – the efficient corporate resource - requires development and on-going support by efforts of IT specialists. In fact, it is one more additional IT service that also needs to be managed and maintained. Sitecore understands it and offers the most weighted and balanced solution to IT directors for organization of the corporate resource or a group of the company websites.


Sitecore utilizes the security model of .net-applications and includes tools for user authentication and authorization, as well as tools for handling authenticated users within the application. One of the key guarantees for providing security is Microsoft technology stack, the Sitecore platform being based on. Windows Server tools allow for creating the maximum secure environment for the corporate resource hosting. For Microsoft, such issues are of high priority: vulnerabilities being remedied and problems fixed in a timely manner. Products are provided with high-quality technical support and continuous updates.

Besides, own tools have been implemented in Sitecore to restrict access for different user categories to work with the platform. The administrator has always the possibility to create necessary user roles and assign specific permits for work with the platform.


Sitecore architecture allows adding power and fault-tolerance with minimal financial costs and time. From the very start, Sitecore has been developed with regard to needs of large companies and, today, it is capable of servicing thousands of simultaneous user requests. The platform provides cluster support for high load resources and a convenient management console for a large number of separate websites. All that allows the company, without serious investments into the structure, grow and expand its presence on the Internet. Besides, Sitecore supports Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure cloud platforms.

Integration and development

An important Sitecore advantage will become integration with the current infrastructure of IT services that have already been deployed in the company. So, the modular Sitecore architecture will enable to integrate the content with Sharepoint Server, and open API-interface of methods and classes - to implement any necessary interaction within the company processes without any extra efforts. The Sitecore Data Providers subsystem implements connection to database, Web service or external system, and will allow working with content, as if it were the internal documents of Sitecore.

.NET-developers will appreciate the initial support of Visual Studio with Intellisense. Sitecore discloses the entire event model and enables to adjust request processing, using the capabilities of open pipeline architecture. The support of the newest .net-functions and strict separation of content from representation will become an additional means for increase in the developer's labour productivity.

IT Partner

Our company has gold and silver Microsoft competencies in the number of key infrastructure technologies, including Server Platform, Data Platform, and Software Development. Considering experience in work with Sitecore, including in the large and sophisticated “Skolkovo” project, the status of the first official partner in Russia, and availability of certified developers, we are able to provide high-quality embedding of Sitecore platform, development and adding the necessary functionality, and the follow-up technical support.