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Sitecore for marketing specialist

  • 10:52:08 PM
  • Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It is extremely difficult to overestimate a website and a corporate site as an important marketing tool. We find information on the web, we are engaged in a dialogue, and maintain communication with colleagues and close ones; and, the main thing, we also make choice on the network. Feedback, promotional materials, advertising campaigns, information on the website — all that leads the customer to informed choice of a product or a service, and marketing is assigned with the task to competently analyze and manage all types of online communications with the customer.

At the dawn of the Internet, the first content management systems proposed purely editor’s role to marketing specialists. Wrote a text, and then published. Today, a similar approach to work with the corporate site does not add value at best and, at worst, makes a lot of harm. Namely, the unique trade offer of Sitecore has been built on such understanding.

It is the adequacy to up-to-date challenges and vision of strategic task solutions for marketing that Sitecore is chosen by market leaders. The developers of this platform are focused on presentation of a wide range of possibilities, tools, and methods in the simplest possible manner.

Sitecore combines the classical system for content management (the same “wrote – published”), as well as an expanded analytical tool kit and a set for marketing automation. All that is rather easy to use, a marketing specialist being the high-priory target audience for Sitecore.

One of the platform parts, web analytics, helps understand who visits the corporate site and what their aims are. Beside the standard functionality, like geography of the site visitors, it is possible to learn what visitors have been looking for, the results they have achieved, and the content, appearing to be the most useful. All that is undoubtedly important for understanding conversion processes and, with the help of reporting systems, assists in getting the comprehensive view of the current situation, as well as in reacting to it immediately.

For Sitecore, it is important not only to analyze users but personalize content in compliance with the user profile. Sitecore reveals compliance with the profile assigned and shows only personalized content. Example: by previous actions, the digital marketing system will determine whether you a man or a woman, and will offer only men’s or women’s products in the campaigns’ part of the page.

Detailed user profiles with personalization of the content will lead to increase in conversion and resource loyalty — the site satisfies all requirements and speaks one language with them.

When marketing is assigned with the task to generate demand and increase the number of visitors, various advertising campaigns can be used. Undoubtedly, it is important to track the analysis and efficiency of such campaigns, in order to adjust targets and save the budget. Sitecore enables to learn the actual ROI for such campaigns. The marketing toolkit helps obtain target indicators and fix conversion up to the level of individual sessions. Online campaigns, context advertising systems, media advertising on partner’s sites — individual sessions are linked together through global cookies so that marketing could get a comprehensive view of each user profile, history of their visits, and preferences.

Besides, one of Sitecore components enables to hold multi-variant and A/B-testing of different parts of the page that will allow marketing make informed choice in favour of the successful solution and accept the best possible variant.

Nestle, Siemens, Toshiba, Mazda, and many other leading international companies have made the same informed choice in favour of Sitecore. Like any other complicated technological product, Sitecore requires expertise and attention to details at the stage of development, migration, and integration. The high level of IT Partner team proved by practice allows utilizing Sitecore functionality with maximum efficiency. And this, in its turn, helps the company marketing broaden its capabilities and gives undisputable competitive advantage in gaining customers.