Image, Video Gallery Release notes

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Version 1.0 - Initial Release
Gallery Plugin Features:
1. Centralized gallery management. Enjoy a single location where you can see and manage all your pictures.
2. Edit galleries. Add or exclude images, change gallery title and description, reorder of images.
3. Multilingual
4. Slideshow pictures.

Version 2.0
This release has following changes and improvements:
1. Fixed the problem with pagination
2. Added multiple galleries support

Version 3.0
1. Added on every pages gallery a breadcrumb
2. Added the navigation menu that allows to switch from one gallery to another instantly.
3. Added the slider view.
4. Added the Video Gallery type
5. Added the Flickr  Gallery type.
6. Added the Picasa Gallery type.
7. Added Share Buttons.
8. Gallery was optimized for responsive environments
9. Added the Anywhere Gallery widget for showing the last X Images(or images which you want to show) in any widget zone for example on the home page.

Version 3.1
1. Fixed the problem with share image
2. Improved usability

Version 3.4
1.  Much improved general video handling using poster images, better media fetching and overall improved user experience
2.  Added mixed Video and Images Galleries
3.  Refactoring. Simplify the domain model.
4.  Added right, left arrow and enter key functionality to galleries
5. Styled for the Motion theme
1.  Fixed video not show bug
2. When you enlarge images on mobile devices it show the image original size. Generally it blow picture thru all screen and it’s no way to close it.