Image, Video Gallery Installation and configuration

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How to install and configure the module in the online store read this text.

Upgrade steps for the NopCommerce database:
1.  Copy the SQL script to the Database Server (or to the PC where the administration tools for the MS SQL database are installed and set up).
2.  By default, the upgrade scripts will process one user schema: [dbo] (the actual name depends on the value of the PREFIX environment variable).
o  If your user schema name is different or if you have additional Sitecore user schemas, modify the script file as necessary.
3.  Back up your Nopcommerce Database.
4.  Upgrade your Nopcommerce database.

Upgrade steps for the NopCommerce plugin:
1.  Back up the old version of the Image Gallery plugin.
2.  Extract the new version of the Image Gallery plugin.
3.  Replace the plugin dll files on your Server.
1.  ReStart Nopcommerce application.
2.  Update the latest English localization file.
3.  Clear your browser's cache. For instance, in Internet Explorer this is done via the menu Tools » Internet Options » Browsing History » Delete » Delete Temporary Internet Files.