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  • nopCommerce CMS plugin release 2.0

nopCommerce CMS plugin release 2.0

  • 1:42:04 PM
  • Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Highlighted features

Added Worflow Engine

Added FormBuilder

Added ListPage templates support

Added StartedKit plugin with sourcecCode.


Other features

Added localization to EntityModelService to support strongly typed models

Added Dialog and Wizard templates for FormBuilder

Added ContentPage templat & Added paging to list page template

Added child theme support to the core plugin 

Added gallery functionality to started kit plugin

Improved PictureList template

Added UrlRecord attribute & ChildEntitiesNavigation action

Refactoring: added comments to basic models

Added AcceptableChildEntityTypes att for folders and lists. This att allows to create different child entity types.

Added GetEntity method to EntityDataSource provider.

Added int[] type to SaveEntity methods of EntityModelService.

Refactoring: Moved SaveEntity(ies) methods to InstallBaseItemsService

Remove basic models from DB. Show folder with admin att in nop admin menu. Folder can group entities with different entity types.

Refactor: Rename Entity events to DPEntity... add events for Manufacture crawler / add TableId att to AttType table

Added security for menu items

Added DisableAddNewButton propery to EntityType + Searchg Constructor widget validation fix

Add IsSubjectToAcl att and EntityModelService and StartedKitPlugin

Fixed issue after clicking Enter page is reloading in admin area and name filter is not applied.