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  • nopCommerce CMS - Release 2.1 – 2018-01-26

nopCommerce CMS - Release 2.1 – 2018-01-26

  • 4:00:00 PM
  • Thursday, January 25, 2018

Core features

  • Add AttPermissions. Different permissions can be used for different Roles. You can specify Read, Write or Hide permissions for your att.
  • Add Kendo-2018.1.117 core package
  • Add DP_CurrencyPrice editor template
  • Add localization support to Entity DataSource.
  • Add ExtId for Entities. It will help in different types of import.
  • Add DevPartner.DevCommerce, DevPartner.DevCommerce.CMS, DevPartner.DevCommerce.Notifications perms
  • Add CustomerOfLastChange and CustomerId att to Entity model
  • Add ability to specify Admin Layout for EntityType.
  • Add DevPartnerCoreAttRefBookController to show attrefs

FormBuilder features

  • Refactoring: All editor templates moved to DPEditorTemplate folder. Now you can override them in your theme.
  • Add DefaultValue to scheme. You can use this att to specify different att default values for different entityTypes.
  • Refactor&Optimize EditorTemplate Rendering
  • Fix: issue with spinner for FormBuilder
  • Improve validation for FormBuilder.
  • Add EmailIsUnique, Phone and Price validation rules
  • Add useCustomerFilter att. It can be used for FormBuilder.List to show entities created by customer.
  • Add OverrideModelValuesFromUrl option to the FormBuilder
  • Add Captcha to FormBuilder pages

Workflow features

  • Add DevPartner.Core.Entity.Att(s) token to show entity att. It can be used in Entity messages. For example DP.Entity.StoreOwnerNotification
  • DP.Entity.CustomerNotification and DP.Entity.VendorNotification were added
  • Add SendCustomerMessageActivity
  • Add DpApiController to support different type of transaction that can be done by external app.
  • Add SendMessageActivity