nopCommerce CMS - Release 3.0 – 2020–01-28

  • 16:00:00
  • 27 января 2020 г.

  • Add Add/Delete/Edit Entity ActivityLogTypes
  • Add PlaceHolder property for AttType and Editor Templates
  • Add ListPageTemplate path att for entities lists in admin area
  • Add AttExtRef Tables popup for DP Entities.
  • Improve security for Entities
  • Add Kendo grid - export to Excel feature for entities list
  • Add IsSearchable att for FormBuilder pages to make them available through the search
  • Use 2019.3.917 kendo scripts from CDN
  • Implement Drag'n'drop for suggestions list ET
  • Refactor FormBuilder validation
  • EntityMessageTokenProvider.AddEntityAttTokens adds Token for each AttType
  • UrlHelper.SetParamaters adds prepending slash for relative url segments.

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