nopCommerce Downloadable Products Management Plugin

Project Description

Technical description

The implementation is based on nopCommerce 3.0 (hosting on Azure) integrates and complements nopCommerce functionally. To ensure overall sustainability, it complies with the extension architecture (plug-in) proposed by the platform and is designed as a nopCommerce plug-in (knowing each plugin can implement any number of widgets). The storage of new information is optimized in order to minimize the number of queries: The unique information is stored as generic attributes (IGenericAttributeService); Grouped information for a single entity is stored in new and independent tables. The classes evolution are managed by dependency injection without changing the kernel. The development is multilingual, "desktop" and "mobile" supported (following the paradigm implemented by the platform). User interface's public elements are fully customizable by CSS. Error messages is recorded into the nopCommerce log, as possible, errors will be managed in a silent way so that it won’t degrade the user experience. Sources are fairly commented and both literals samples and comments are in English. 
The following deliverables was provided:

  • - The C# project (VS 2012) (with all sources) to generate the plug-in
  • - XML file for localization strings

Project Details


Ноябрь 2013


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