nopCommerce Industrial Spares website


Industrial Spares is a company that sells and repairs millions of machinery parts. The implementation based on nopCommerce 3.5 (hosted on Azure) with specific modifications allowed us to fulfill customer needs in data and content management, unique user interface features and good performance


The aim of the project was to create an industrial spares online store to sell more then million items. The main task was to import products from MySQL database to nopCommerce compatible MS SQL database, and each product had to be created in 5 variants, one of each – is repair order. Also customer required a unique theme and some functional features to be developed.


  1. Import mechanism for more than million items using Bulk Insert technology, which allowed to increase performance (compared to nopCommerce Entity Framework methods) in 1000 times;
  2. Product update mechanism, using Update Log Table, Triggers and SQL Merge, which allows to update products fast when there are changes in source DB;
  3. Multiple picture import and mapping to different products;
  4. Plugin to work with custom WEB-API to update product prices in real time with cache ability, configured in plugin settings. Plugin uses AngularJS Framework;
  5. Plugin that allows to Request For Quote if there’s no product in stock;
  6. Custom product filters, optimized using SOLR full text search engine;
  7. Unique theme “Industrial Spares” for customers design project
  8. Miscellaneous plugins for UI (callback form, buy in one click, custom product sliders, order repair form, etc)  

Project Details


September 2015

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