nopCommerce JemTechnical Website

Project Description


• Create a web site based on a content management system for E-Commerce pages - nopCommerce CMS and Umbraco - for others;

• Develop a system of quick and easy item search and navigation for customers

• Systematize categories and sub-categories, creating a more comprehensive and clear structure of the site;

• Develop a tool for the automatic import of large quantities of products from excel file


At the first stage web site HTML code and then the themes and plugins for nopCommerce and Umbraco parts of the site were developed. nopCommerce plugins overloading standard functionality of nopCommerce - categories, manufacturers and products display and navigation were created. New features were added: advanced products search and their import from excel file. The Umbarco Theme was developed. And the integration between content management systems using subdomains was implemented.

Services provided

Html design, nopCommerce upgrade, Create nopCommerce theme, Develop nopCommerce plugin, User friendly easy to use navigation, Uniquely designed Home page

Project Details


June 2014

Latest Works

nopCommerce xDalys website is the largest used car parts, motorcycles parts and other vehicles parts supply in Lithuania. All products on their e-shop are genuine parts sold from Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and many other suppliers. Parts are being gathered from all over the Europe and shipped worldwide from their warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Landmark website

We have been involved in the development of Sitecore project for Landmark. Landmark is an international personal and professional growth, training and development company.

Agthia Website

Our team created a visually rich and easy-to-navigate website using DNN tools and modules. We have developed brand section to better propose their brands.