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  • nopCommerce Search - Release 1.6 - 2017-07-15

nopCommerce Search - Release 1.6 - 2017-07-15

  • 5:00:00 PM
  • Friday, July 14, 2017

Highlight features and changes

  • A lot of refactoring & performance optimization.
  • Category Tree facet
  • Implemented Crawler & Pipelines patterns. Added product, DP CMS entity, manufacture crawlers and 22 pipelines
  • Added ability to use different Solr search handlers and specified predefined filters on Solr end

Other Features

  • Added Quoted feature to escape some symbols
  • Added Facet Sort setting to determines the ordering of the facet field constraints.
    • count - sort the constraints by count (highest count first)
    • index - to return the constraints sorted in their index order (lexicographic by indexed term). For terms in the ascii range, this will be alphabetically sorted.
  • Add Facet Display Level attribute. Facets with display level 2 appear in the facet panel only if one of the facet with display level 1 was filtered.
  • Scheme modifications: Added Meta keywords, Meta description, Main ImageId, Thumbnail URL, warehouse, dpattr_ fields.
  • Scheme modifications: Added alphaOnlySort, string_ci types.