Sitecore Landmark website

Project Description

Revamping Landmark's Online Presence with the Cutting-Edge Sitecore Platform

Project Highlights

Elevated User Experience: Transformed Landmark's online presence by enhancing user experience through innovative features and seamless navigation
Streamlined Development: Leveraged the power of Glass/T4 templates to expedite the creation of comprehensive, strongly-typed data models, resulting in streamlined development processes
Diverse Control Set: Developed and implemented over 50 custom controls, enhancing the website's interactivity and functionality
Template Possibilities: Enhanced select controls with template capabilities, powered by NVelocity, adding flexibility and customization options


  • Utilized Glass Framework for effective data mapping and interaction
  • Serialized template items and facilitated the generation of Sitecore domain models using Sitecore.CodeGenerator.dll and T4 templates
  • Implemented custom mapping by overriding default configurations for string and link handling
  • Utilized Sitecore.NVelocity to create and implement templates for various components
  • Developed and integrated over 50 controls, enhancing the functionality and user experience of the application


By seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, this project successfully redefined Landmark's online presence, empowering developers and enhancing user engagement

Project Details


Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Sitecore Rocks


Sitecore, T4, TypeScript, Asp.Net, .NET MVC, ะก#, NVelocity, Glass, JavaScript, jQuery


Sitecore, MS Sql

Team Size:

Development Team: 4 members
Architect: 1 member
Business Analyst: 1 member
Project Coordinator: 1 member


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