Tutorial 7 - Creating entities in different languages

Creating items in different languages is very simple using DP CMS.
For this tutorial I have created an additional language Russian (ru-RU), the default language is English (EN).
For this tutorial we will be using the following model, notice that it has a property called Localazible, this property is used by DP CMS plugin to determine that the property will have localization. Also you can use this property for the whole model to determine that basic Name and Description properties will have localization.

todo: example
In this first example we grab the entity in the standard language  and creates a localization entities in the Russian language.
todo: example
In the second example below we grab an existing entity from DP CMS, update the title and language and save it back to DP CMS. This is a very quick way to duplicate data across different DP CMS languages:
todo: example
You can see from this tutorial how simple it is to use DP CMS to create entities in different languages.